Business protection

Are you a business owner? Have you considered what happens to your firm, your partners, your assets and even your family if something happens to you?

Depending on the structure of your business, there are various business protection options available. You might benefit from insuring yourself personally, or from insuring your business against the loss of a business partner, a key employee, or you yourself.

Of course, you’ll want to identify the most beneficial and economically efficient method. That’s where we come in.

Insuring yourself as a business owner: there are tax-efficient ways to protect your family and yourself against adverse life events as a business owner. Identifying the right solution will depend on the structure of your business and your own personal requirements.

Shareholder protection: Shareholders could set up some shareholder protection insurance to complement a cross option agreement. This will give the surviving shareholder the option to buy the deceased business owner’s share of the business.

Key person protection: Any company or partnership will have individuals who are crucial to their business. People whose skills, experience or expertise make them difficult to replace. The death or serious illness of these key members of staff can have a significant effect on the financial position of the business and may result in reduced sales, loss of profit/turnover, or the disruption of development plans.

The right key person protection allows you to protect your business from the financial fallout.

Choosing the best business protection takes detailed knowledge and understanding of the options, and an intimate understanding of your business and personal needs. Our independent financial advisers help you navigate your way, translate the financial jargon and legalese, and enable your business to continue as smoothly as possible during times of great stress and financial hardship.