Real estate solutions

If you’re planning to buy a property in France or the United Kingdom, whether that’s as your main home, a holiday home or as an investment, you’ll benefit from our real estate solutions.

Buying property always brings a stack of paperwork. Buying property in another country brings differing rules, tax implications, currency considerations and even implications arising from local niceties and nuance.

With the right advice, you’ll fulfil your dream with minimal fuss.

We’ll analyse your project – whether it’s a principal or second home, or a direct real estate investment – through applicable funds, SCPI (Société Civile de Placement Immobilier) or Nue-Propriété investment in France.

Our international real estate solutions can help you to:

  • minimise the inheritance issues linked to the purchase of your property
  • optimise your income tax position in France and the UK
  • coordinate the purchase of your property
  • mitigate your wealth tax in France

It’s all possible because of our cross-Channel knowledge and experience. We’ll even introduce you to the appropriate experts to manage your structure, especially:

  • finding the most appropriate financing, whether that’s a traditional mortgage via a broker or an interest-only loan with a private bank
  • finding a reputable legal team if you need advice on structuring your ownership