Pension planning

Thierry has worked in the UK for the past 10 years with three different employers.

While talking to his friends over the summer, he recognised that he had very little visibility on his retirement income. At the age of 51, he quite rightly wanted a better understanding of his pension situation.

With a wide range of options available, the pension area can be confusing. So Thierry contacted Altyx for some independent financial planning advice.

We spent time reviewing the private pensions he’d accumulated with his previous employers. As a higher earner, Thierry was affected by the tapered annual allowance.  Our review explored the maximum contributions he could make while using his carry-forward and, as a result were able to optimise his tax position.

We advised Thierry to consolidate his pensions plans, and advised him on the most suitable provider. He now has one easily-managed and easy to understand pension plan.  We also defined his risk profile and identified an investment strategy for these funds.

Thierry has gained invaluable visibility on his pension income and is in a great position to take the necessary decisions in regards to his annual contributions, and possible other investments.

If you’re feeling unsure about how your pension schemes are performing and would like more certainty over retirement income, we can help you.

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