Expatriate and living in the UK?

Delphine and Vincent are French and resident in the UK. Vincent had just received a bonus, but he didn’t want to spend it while he and his wife were residents in the UK. The couple wanted to save this money and any future bonuses to purchase a property when they return to France. They hadn’t yet decided on the date as they were enjoying living in London and didn’t plan to move back to France before their last child completed their Baccalaureate, which would be in five years’ time.

Vincent wanted his bonus to make him a reasonable return over that five-year period. After some discussions, we advised a non-domestic life insurance investment. Not only did it correspond to their risk profiles and investment plans, Delphine and Vincent could maintain the investment even after returning to France. What’s more, there was no taxation for the duration of the investment. It was also particularly efficient from an estate planning perspective if they chose to keep the policy, either completely or partially, after their return.

The couple felt reassured that they had made the right decision, because their investment offers them great flexibility for the future. And that’s an important factor to consider, as the expatriate life does not always run smoothly and circumstances beyond their control could force a change of plan.

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