British and planning to retire in France?

Paul has contacted us as after 20 years in the UK. He is planning to retire to continental Europe in the next 18 months.

Paul has several questions on the access he will have to his pension when he is a French resident. We have been able to answer these questions.

On top of the normal concern over how his pension is managed, he will also have to accept the exchange rate risk between Sterling and the Euro.

With the uncertainty on the currency exchange rate, Paul is worried about having his Pension in Sterling while his currency expense in retirement will be Euros.

Paul doesn’t want his pension income to be affected by currency fluctuations.

We have offered Paul a very flexible solution; Where, while maintaining his investment within the UK regulation, which has become quite flexible since Pension Freedom in 2015, he will also have significant flexibility around the currency part of the solution

Paul will be able to have his pension fund managed in Sterling and choose the time and portion to transfer into Euros when he feels the currency exchange is in his favour.

We have also seen clients wanting to transfer their whole pension into Euros, and others who wish to spread their investment over two currencies. Both of these scenarios can be catered for using our solution.

With this investment solution the foreign currency exchange management has become more an opportunity for Paul  than a risk.


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