British and planning to live in France?

Paul is a British citizen and a senior director in London, working for a multinational company. He is married to Jane and they have three children.

The international company for which Paul works transferred him to France on a three-year contract. But the French administrative and tax system is complex. Paul only had one issue on his mind: ‘I’m going to be considered a high earner in France. I want to work in France, but I’m worried that the French tax system will take a substantial slice of my income.’

Before negotiating his transfer, Paul contacted Altyx Financial Planning. We worked in conjunction with a French legal expert to explore Paul’s options. As a result, we found that he could benefit from different laws concerning expats and reduce his income tax by nearly 30%.
Paul also learnt that estate planning in France was less flexible than in England. He knew that if he were to die while living in France, the house which he and his wife might buy in Antibes in the south of France, would be divided between his wife and his children (because of French forced heirship rules). It was an outcome he didn’t want for a variety of reasons.

We prepared his departure for France from London, in collaboration with our French partners, and coordinated purchasing the house. By working on the project well before Paul and Jane left for France, we were able to anticipate and avoid any issues of comparative law. Of course, we also offered ongoing support helping to protect Paul’s and Jane’s assets according to their wishes. Paul and Jane feel confident that they are now “in control of the situation”.

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