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Are you looking to set up a business or a subsidiary in the UK? Do you want to retain the talent you employ and ensure your employee benefits are competitive?

Too few firms exploit the strategic advantages of sound independent financial advice for business.

Altyx Financial Planning helps UK companies and partnerships who are building out their business, and French companies and partnerships setting up subsidiaries in the UK. We help you evaluate and assess the financial impacts of employee benefits and business protection options.

Any business owner needs to understand the various benefits employees may expect and should investigate the protections available for their business. The ever-changing regulatory landscape, especially in the pensions space, has significant implications for the financial health of your company. As an independent financial adviser, Altyx can help you structure the most appropriate business protection and employee benefits package to support your long-term strategy for your business.

Our business financial advisory expertise includes:

Our approach is to try to ensure that your employees understand the real value of their employee benefits package through regular communications and financial education briefings. We’re here to help improve your employee retention rates and boost your employees’ productivity and sense of value.

Our clients benefit from our international background and expertise, our independence and understanding of the international financial markets. We study your current position and future requirements in depth, identify and anticipate any risks, and give you the facts and guidance you need to achieve your business goals.

They trust Altyx FP for independent financial advice