Why is a Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme (QROPS) used?

A QROPS allows individuals who plan to retire outside the UK to transfer their UK regulated pension funds into an international scheme.

Who is eligible for QROPS pension transfer?

Any national who has built UK pension benefits and has left the UK, or is intending to leave in the near future.

What are the key benefits?

QROPS depending on their jurisdiction of choice, offer a certain degree of flexibility in terms of how and when you can take your benefits:

Tax Free lump sum
The current UK limit for the Pension Commencement Lump sum or (Tax free lump sum) is 25%. Under certain circumstances such as length of time from transfer of the pension or since leaving the UK, some jurisdictions allow you to take up to 30% of your pension fund tax free on retirement.

Choice of currency
QROPS provide more flexible currency options and can be established in sterling or euros (or indeed any currency). They are therefore capable of protecting your income from currency fluctuation and conversion charges.

Investment selection
QROPS can offer access to an extremely wide choice of investments allowing access to off shore funds, or assets that truly reflect the currency and inflation protection that would match a retirement plan.
Deciding whether a QROPS pension transfer is right and which QROPS solution is best for you can be a confusing process.

Our QROPS review will include answers to the following questions:

  • What tax will I save by transferring my pension to a QROPS?
  • Where is the best jurisdiction for my pension?
  • What types of pensions can I transfer?
  • How will my pension fund be managed?
  • What does a QROPS cost?