Our Approach

Exceeding your expectations

Before you get in touch, it’s helpful to know what you can expect from the financial planning process. Exceeding those expectations comes with the results we aim to achieve on your behalf.

At our initial meeting, we review your needs and identify where our expertise is required (pension planning, investment planning and strategy, insurance and protection, project planning and more). We discuss your current situation, your personal priorities, and your future projects and requirements. We establish the areas you consider to be most important and where to focus our attention.

By the end of our first meeting together, we’ll know whether we all wish to proceed; it’s at this point we’ll discuss our fees.

Following this initial discussion, we may need to obtain and collate further financial information from you and other companies. We will research and analyse in depth all the factors around your situation and possible solutions.

With our research and analysis complete, we’ll present you with our proposal for your bespoke financial solution. We will take you step by step through the plan and agree on a timeline.

With everyone happy, we’ll start to put your plan into action.

Looking to the future, we recommend regular meetings so we can review your circumstances and discuss how your plan is performing.

And as your life changes, your financial plan should too.

We strive to form long-term relationships, meeting the needs and expectations of our clients on a continuous basis.

For an external, independent analysis and evaluation of your wealth situation and financial future, you can make an appointment using our contact form, email directly or just give us a call on + 44 (0)207 439 8509.