French Property News: Cash in the Attic

Bérangère hassenforder takes an in-depth look at how releasing equity from your french property could give you a boost.

One of the many consequences of the current financial crisis is the difficulty for individuals and companies to raise finance. Indeed,since 2008, banks have been tightening
their lending criteria in many jurisdictions,including France. A consequence of this is that finding appropriate finance has become harder.
The level of business turnover is under pressure, margins are lower, and there is greater competition from abroad, all of which squeezes a business’ profit down, with the consequence that business-owners find it more difficult to guarantee their
levels of income. Those looking to sell their businesses are hampered by fewer buyers.And in general, all incomes are under
pressure, and yet the need for liquidity is ever greater. However, all is not lost. There are solutions!

Posted by Altyxfp / Posted on 29 Jun
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